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Augment Human Ingenuity

We enhance human vision and offer 100% protection with one goggle against every Laser type. Our technology visualizes invisible lasers (IR+Vis+UV) and digitally augments your daily work.

Extend your vision to the invisible

LaserEye shows you 150% more wavelengths than the human eye. Seeing more means safer, quicker and more accurate work. Zoom, high dynamic range and contrast enhancement help you to fulfill your most demanding duties even in dark conditions with ease. 

Safe work even in dark lab environments
* Document your workflow with instant HD snapshots or moviews of your setup
* Share your view of the experiment with colleagues
* Enable remote support for your lab equipment  
* Monitor lab data (laser data, CAD drawings, messages) in your headset display while staying focused on your work

Enhance your workflow

Instantly take snapshots of your work to document your success. Share your view via video stream with collaborators and remote support and get better feedback and help. Display digital data or Videos directly in your view and stay focused on your precision tasks requiring your attention.

Safe money with 1 solution for 100% safety

LaserEye protects your eyes in a 100% lightproof housing. Two cameras capture the surroundings and project it safely into your eyes behind the shield. Buy one solution for all Laser classes and cover all your legal duties at one go.

What we offer

Augment your vision

Have native vision

Preserve your knowledge

Document your workflow with instant HD snapshots or movies of your setup

Important Data where you need it

Monitor digital data unobstructed while staying focused on your work

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There never was a solution to be protected and work efficient with IR-Lasers at the same time. Finally, I see what I'm working with and have better protection than ever before!

Laser Safety Officer - University Vienna


Usually, we need up to 5 Laser goggles per user. With one goggle for all, we save money and turn an annoying cost factor into a valuable accessory students want to wear!

Physics Postdoc - University of Vienna